Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed


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About Me

I am Founder and CEO at Bestium Pro LLC where I manage a portfolio of ten online businesses. My current ventures include some cool SAAS products and a Travel startup for the Pakistani market.


Connect with me if you are working in a similar direction and we might be able to help each other or get in some sort of mutually beneficial partnership.


At Bestium Pro our goal is to make the best websites, blogs & products for the web. Team of more than 10 people currently work from around the globe to make this possible. Our aim is to make things that make life easier for other people.



My Personal Background: I belong from Manshera but currently live in Islamabad city, which is a capital territory of Pakistan.


I started my online journey around 2014 when I was in high school. I was a creative kid from my childhood who spent most of his time breaking and building electronics products, painting, and other creative things.

Now I work on websites, blogs, online tools & Saas products. I am able to make a good living while working from home or traveling from around the world that I could have never done with conventional education.



My goal for the future is to work on a startup that creatively solves the real-world problems & can have a really big impact on people life whether it’s building an online product or making real flying cars.